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New SOLIDWORKS Training Approach

Discussion created by Alan Gavidia on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2020 by J. Mather

I have been tasked to help in creating training that is different from what we currently have, making it more interactive by using Captivate. In the past we have used video capturing software and aligned them with audio tracks. 


Now, We are using methods such as Bloom's Taxonomy and Gagne's and also gamifying it. 


The audience is university 1 year or second year. The course content is self-paced.

I know there are many approaches to teaching, in addition to how is done by Resellers or DS with their manuals.

The first series would be learning to use the Rectangle and Circle tool and showing certain aspects of the UI such as the CMD Manager, Graphics area and Design Tree as well as the default planes required to create a sketch. Dimensions are not presented at all in the first series. After they learn or see how the rectangles and circles are created they would try it for themselves or recreate a sketch shown to them. 

The next video would be making that sketch in to 3D. 

3rd video is presenting Lines and Arcs.

Final video is Trim/Extend Tool along with sketching on different faces of the 3d model.  All video will have a sort of mini challenge and then final challenge. Main project would be to create a sort race car with the tools they have learned. 


I would like input on how effective this could be or what it is missing.  It is difficult putting yourself in the students shoes while knowing SW is second nature and we view it as its simple and easy to get. In the end its about using the software as much as possible and create stuff but most importantly is understanding how the software behaves and being mindful of what you do and how the software reacts. 


Thank you in advance.