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List feature external references in part using DocumentManager API

Question asked by Bruno Frade on Sep 4, 2019
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Can someone point me in the right direction on how to list feature external references in part using SwDocumentManager Api? 


the situation is with holes made in assembly => Edit part, and a hole created and centered based on other part,

now i would like to be able to replace the references in second file to other file... 

 so far i try with:


SwDMDocument18 swDocPart = swDocMgr.GetDocument(newPart, SwDmDocumentType.swDmDocumentPart, false, out nRetVal) as SwDMDocument18;
if(swDocPart != null)
string[] configs = swDocPart.ConfigurationManager.GetConfigurationNames();
if(configs != null)
foreach(string config in configs)
SwDMExternalReferenceOption2 dmExtRefOption = swDocMgr.GetExternalReferenceOptionObject2();
SwDMSearchOption dmSearchOpt = swDocMgr.GetSearchOptionObject();
dmExtRefOption.SearchOption = dmSearchOpt;
dmExtRefOption.Configuration = config;
dmExtRefOption.NeedSuppress = true;
int numRefs = swDocPart.GetExternalFeatureReferences2(dmExtRefOption);
Array arrExtRefs = (Array)(dmExtRefOption.ExternalReferences);


Thanks in advance

Bruno Frade.