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Trying to recreate BOM created by ex-colleague

Question asked by John Ash on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by Sam Sam

Firstly, please excuse my ignorance here, I am trying to assist my team in resurrecting a BOM format which is used by a load of downstream tools. This format was created by a senior ME who has now left and we are struggling to get back to where we were! I'm not a SW user but can blunder around and certainly understand concepts (once explained ).


So, attached is an excerpt from the top of a BOM we are trying to recreate. You can see the additional fields (SW-Fle Name, IsToolboxPart etc) but it doesn't seem clear to those who are left how to create a BOM with these fields. Apparently even our VAR couldn't answer this! (We are using SW 2019 and PDM)


So my question(s) is(are)


1. How are BOMs defined and managed - how can a BOM which one person defines be made available to others (using PDM, presumably?)

2. How can additional fields (such at those mentioned above) created and added to a BOM?


Apologies for the basic nature of these quesitons, but if someone could care to give me a top level low down on this, I would be very appreciative!


Thanks in advance.