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Best way to create and join these solids?

Question asked by Jason Olson on Sep 4, 2019
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I am looking for some advice on ways to form and bridge these solids. I've completed the first Essentials course but am new to surface work.

I am creating a mask that is meant to cover a plastic housing. I've used the base housing file to offset and thicken surfaces to create most of this part. I've run into a challenge, I need to join the highlighted surface to the larger solid but I have not been successful doing so. At this point I have used the Filled Surface tool to create a surface for the inner section of the highlighted area. I can Thicken the outer area but I can't Thicken the inner fill for some reason. I can Knit the surfaces and thicken the new surface but the original surfaces are left, which hasn't caused a problem but I'm also wondering if I should remove or deal with the original surfaces.


After I achieve a Thickened solid I've attempted to Solid Loft and Surface Loft to join the two pieces but I get errors. Since these are surfaces and I can't pull a plane off of them I'm not sure how to connect them.


Suggestions are appreciated,

Jason O.