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part appearance in gray after pulling from SW PCB

Question asked by XX XX on Sep 2, 2019

I have a big problem that cannot solve it with a SW assembly. So I created libraries in SW PCB and then associate each library part with a 3D body (designed in SW of course and some other just downloaded and stored as step214 file).

For example I colored blue a switch that was in SW and then stored it in step214 to associate later with the library, so when I switch to the view of SW PCB to 3D, every part match with its colors of the parts in slprt or step 214 files, so up to this point, everything seemed ok. 


The problem comes when I do the process to PULL&PUSH which is pushing a PCB, designed in SW PCB, and then received in SW for mechanical use with the complement process called PULL. When the whole PCB is received in the SW environment as an assembly (figure below), some parts loose their color and turn gray, like the toggle switch which I colored blue. I can't figure out what makes this component loose its color cause I manipulated the other libraries, changing their part's colors from the design in SW and the update the whole pcb, export it to SW and the SW assembly did change their colors but the Toggle switch never changes its color . I'm uploading the switch part file, could you guys tell me what's going on with the appearance of this file in comparison with the Trimmer (red one) which obeys to the color change?