Mark Bradford

Solidworks 2019 SP4 problem

Discussion created by Mark Bradford on Aug 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2020 by John Lhuillier

Be aware!


When toggling these 2 features while in 2D mode no longer has any effect on the selection.


Allow selection in wireframe and HLV modes

Allow selection in HLR and shaded modes


This means when you are trying to select a face of the block, instead the selection of the Hidden lines below the face are trying to be selected,


We are seeing this on all of our systems that have upgraded to SP4.


Designers that are still on SP3 are not seeing this issue.


The only work around that we have found so far is to use the selection filter for faces, and then unfilter once the face is selected.  Extremely time consuming.


If anyone else has any other suggestion, I would love to hear them.