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Can I get a text result from a global variable equation?

Question asked by Andrew Wright on Sep 3, 2019
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I am setting up a gauge_number global variable for automated use with custom properties, based on a (Solidworks) measurement of the material thickness.  I'm writing a nested IIF statement to include the gauges and (inch) sizes my customers most commonly use.


As you'll see in the example formula (pictured) below, I can -kind of- get the result I want, but two things:


1 - I would like it to show in my titleblock as  12 GA


2 - Since not all sheet metal is referenced or order by gauge (i.e. 1/8", 3/16", 1/4"), it would be nice to expand this global variable to show those other sizes in my titleblock as   1/8"   (for instance).


Ultimately I would need the 'Evaluates to' column to show text, rather than numbers [that seem to require a units measurement].


I know quotes are not allowed for text results in this setup, because they're reserved for referencing other global variables.  I've tried other characters, but nothing works.


So is there a text delimiter or wildcard or something like that within this version of VB formula scripting, or is the equations/variables panel restricted to numerical values or references to other global values?


Note:  For this process, for a variety of reasons, I am not interested in workarounds using design tables, macros or deeply involved additional global variables.  I'm just asking if there's a text option.