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Printing ALL drawings referenced in an Assembly

Question asked by Gary Lucas on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2019 by Gary Lucas

We build Waste Treatment plants and the nature of the business is that every plant tends to be very custom.  So even though we have standard designs, and standard parts we make, we don't build any inventory of those parts.  I learned a long time ago that customers are really good at buying whatever you Don't have!


This means for every job we need to provide the shop with drawings of every part and assembly they will make.  I see that Task Scheduler handles printing all the drawings in the product or job folder, that's about 140 drawings.  What it doesn't do is print drawings for those parts whose drawings are in our library of standard parts.  This is a problem because the printing of those drawings often gets missed and then we get the BS "Well we don't have a drawing so we didn't make it"


So the ideal situation would a be a macro that looks at a master assembly and all its parts and assemblies at every level to see if there is a drawing file of the same name in the same location and print it if found.  We are moving to PDM in the next month or two so I wonder if this functionality exists in PDM?