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Connect a dimension value in a text note.

Question asked by Lorenzo Gaudino on Apr 17, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2009 by Lorenzo Gaudino
I need to put the value of a dimension into a text note, inside a drawing. The only way that seems to work is "Dim@Sketch1@@Config@Filename.SLDPRT". Aside the useless length of this form ("Dim@Sketch1" SHOULD work), the worst is if I make more configurations I need to correct every single note for every configuration, that is exactly what I want to avoid...

I tried to do a Configuration specific Property called "MyDim", and for that "Dim@Sketch1" works. Too bad that the property assumes the value of the last config I loaded, for all the configurations.
i.e. I made two configs: the first with Dim=1, then one with Dim=2.
Then I save, put a view for each configuration and put the note $PRPVIEW:"MyDim" into each view.
As a result, both notes show a "2".

Someone can help?