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Property Tab Builder 2019 - Invalid Filename for List (Sporadic Occurrence)

Question asked by Mitchell Sherry on Aug 30, 2019

Greetings all, 


Thank you for your time. 


We are a furniture design company that uses the Property Tab Builder for a variety of different needs in our models and to create RFQs and other back end documents. 


We are encountering the following issue: 


We set up a series of lists that reference text files that are saved to a Dropbox folder that is sync'd on all the company's machines. 


Three of the four work stations have no problem opening the custom property tab and using the lists to select whatever options may apply (finish options for example in the image included.) 


The fourth work station, when clicking on the drop-down arrow for the list, shows a blank list and unable to select anything for any list properties. 


Intrigued, we opened the custom property template file in the property tab builder on the machine showing the blank lists and are met with the error, "Invalid filename for list" (attached image). The number of times the error pops up is correlated to the amount of lists referencing text files in that particular custom property template file. 


Further intrigued, we re-pointed all of the paths to the same text files in the shared Dropbox folder directory (locally synced on each machine).


After doing that, the lists show up as blank on the other three work stations and do show up on that one station. 


Reversing the steps results in the same original issue, three stations with working lists and one without. 


It seems likely that this is an error that may not be generated via the Property Tab Builder or SW itself. 


Looking to see if anyone has had the same experience on Windows 10 with SW '19, and if so, how they were able to get everything to work correctly. 


We would prefer not to have to have the lists live inside of the Property Tab Builder for ease of each engineer adding to the available options. 


Thanks again!