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resource monitor

Question asked by Robert Weimer on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2019 by Frederick Law

Hey gurus,


I am currently processing a scanned surface in one application and producing a solid in another graphically oriented application that utilize all the resources it can.  At the same time I am editing an assembly in Solidworks.  The system keeps chiming in and telling me about resources.  Yeah, I get it, I'm utilizing the entire computers resources, but I don't like that Solidworks thinks that it needs to remind me about the low resources it is encountering.  Hey my life sucks too, deal with I say.  How can I disable the resource monitor so that it doesn't chime in every 10 seconds like it is the most important thing on my computer at that time.  Very annoying to know that this program is set up to do this, once is enough, I don't like to be lectured by my software.