Ettore Rizzo

Convert Task to write username in the file save path Operations

Discussion created by Ettore Rizzo on Aug 30, 2019

Good morning,


I have this problem in the tool "Operations" for converting the drawings in PDF.


I created:
- File card: Convert tool
- Variable (text): UserConnTest
- List (text): Convert_User


Associate the List "Convert_User" to variable "UserConnTest" (Image 1).

Created the "Operations" to convert to PDF format (Image 2/Image 3).

When I launch the convertion tool (Image 4), choosing a user (for example User 2), the process completes successfully, but in the save path of the converted file, instead of creating the folder with name of the user "User 2" the folder %UserConnTest% is created (Image 5).


You can help me find a solution?