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Is there an easy way to compare two ANSI-MODIFIED.sldstd files?

Question asked by Derek Eldridge on Aug 29, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2020 by Derek Eldridge

I want to easily compare two document templates, and ALL the document settings found in the document properties drafting standard.


How can I do a tab by tab all-inclusive settings check between the two templates? Without opening them on two computers and manually thumbing through them tab by tab. 


I've tried to use design checker and found that when comparing one document against another, it does not evaluate ALL the settings. A manual comparison showed a significant amount of differences that the design checker missed.


I can save the standard to an external file. But have no way of opening it to see it's contents. I'm suspect that not all the settings are captured in this file as well. When I saved the settings from one document and applied to another, a manual check of the settings reviled settings that were not updated.