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pdm standard - move files sometimes works...

Question asked by John Wayman on Aug 29, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2019 by Jeremiah Feist

We are, sadly, using PDM Standard, not PDM Pro.

In our workflow, when a drawing is released, a PDF is automatically created, named with the Rev in its filename and placed in a 'PDF' folder, where procurement can see it.

When a drawing is changed, its revision changes, and on release, another PDF is created, with the new rev in the filename. So we end up with 2 PDF files 123456_rev_A and 123456_rev_B in the folder.

Part of the housekeeping involved in the workflow is to change the status of the new PDF to 'Released Document' and move the previous PDF to a different folder (that procurement do not have access to).

This all works well, except:

Some days, maybe when there's an 'R' in the month, I'm not sure, the user can drag the old file from the original folder to the new one. Other days, the PDM system reports 'you do not have permisson'. On those days, I can usually CTRL-X/CTRL-V the file between folders and the PDM system is happy. This is all logged in as a common or garden user, not admin.

Is there some rhyme or reason to this behaviour?

Are we the only ones to observe this anomaly?

Is there a way to work around it?

Are we doing it incorrectly?



SW 2019, SP3