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Why is my REV block border top line disappearing?

Question asked by Bobby J. Moore II on Aug 28, 2019

We use SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard to control our revisions. When we release a print to released, everything works great until you close the document. When you reopen the document, the top line of the REV block border is missing (see image). When you click anywhere on the REV table, it adds the line back just fine. The only problem is you can't then save that because the print is released. You can save a .pdf if you save/print when the file is open. As soon as you close and open again, you have to click on the table all over again... The holdup here is creating .pdf files with a macro or 3rd part like #task and it will print/save without that top line!!! Does anyone know why or how to fix this issue?


2019 SP3.0