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In the path of Dorian

Discussion created by Dennis Dohogne on Aug 29, 2019
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Two years ago I posted In the Path of Irma because I was.  Now I am in the path of Dorian.  Irma eventually moved west and came up the gulf coast of Florida hitting Tampa.  We just had 45 mph gusts and a few inches of rain then.  Dorian is still several days away and can easily move, but so far the path would put the harshest wind and rain right on top of me.  Well, actually it would be on top of my house, but my lovely wife is there.  I am halfway across the world in Taiwan for the next few weeks.  She says something significant always goes wrong when I'm away and it looks like this time it's a hurricane!  More husband points for me - - - NOT!


We've been in Florida for 12 years now and only had a few peripheral affects from the hurricanes.  The Jacksonville area probably gets the least hurricane impact of anywhere in Florida.  That said, this might be the first time we (my wife in this case) actually evacuate.