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OT - Let's Talk Tolerances

Discussion created by Don Cheke on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by Matt Juric
I am curious if someone has a thought pattern they go through when designing and considering tolerances.


I ask because I have never been confident when determining them, although no one has ever really complained to me about them in my drawings (although the aluminum extruder I/we used in my previous day job would constantly say that they could not keep the tolerances that the company wanted). Finally I just added a note to all extrusion drawings that tolerances were to keep within the Aluminum Association Standards (or however it was worded). I have tried to read documents about tolerances but my eyes just glaze over as I am just not a book learner. That is probably why I did so poorly in school, but that is another story with a whole lot of other factors at the time :-).


So I am just curious if you have a simple process you use while designing something in the mechanical arena. Lets say something not terribly large like the boring head I posted in the gallery. The attached was a typical table we used on drawings. Please use layman's terms if possible, as engineer-speak can be just as difficult to understand as reading an engineering text. :-)

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