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find speedpack assemblies

Question asked by Jay Maechtlen on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2019 by Brad Meador

I'm a SW newbie, creating exploded views and drawings for parts catalogs.

The usual modus is to create a service assembly and insert the design assembly in it as read only - I do not have check out/revision permissions for the actual models.


This works ok-ish, but have performance problems on a particular model and its drawing.

I tried to set a couple of subassemblies as speedpack, looking for better performance. Unfortunately, this results in the drawings reverting to draft mode. PDFs of the drawings then contain bitmap graphics of the model. "Convert to high resolution" at print time fails.

Not good, as I need high quality vector PDFs. 

So - this is probably the "dumb question" part - I can't find the speedpacks to remove them.


Any hints?


Thanks in advance