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Drawing part name either Part name or Cut list Name?

Question asked by Matt Juric on Aug 26, 2019

Our current drawing templates default to the part name as the part name in the drawing. So If I'm working on Part XYZ123 when I start a drawing the part name is XYZ123. Whenever we have pre machining done to weldment parts we create individual drawing files for them. When we create these drawings by "Selecting body" from the weldment, the name on the drawing is the weldment part name. Is there a way to have that name be the cut list item name? I know I could create another template where that field is directed to cut list item name. I'm not too keen to do that because we have then just double the number of drawing templates.


What I would like to do is to either add an option to our existing drawing templates that would default to "Part name" but could be changed to "Cut list item name". 


Or if there is some other fancy way to do this I would be interested in knowing.


Thank you