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The 27th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge - Separate the Wires

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on Aug 26, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2019 by John Stoltzfus

Update: You can read the formal article about this challenge, here:



Hello SOLIDWORKS Power-Users and welcome to the 27th SWPUC!




Many thanks for Punit Saini for working hard to create the model for this challenge. As you can imagine, I cannot share customer models, but the challenge is interesting enough that we decided to create our own.



Update: There will be 2 challenges:


Challenge #1: The first challenge is very simple. 




For eternal glory and 10,000 points do this before Friday, September 6th at 23:59 pm EDT:




1. Download the attached IGES file


2. Separate the wires in solid bodies using as much as possible reverse engineering techniques. So attempt to refrain from closing gaps by creating your own faces with loft, fill, boundary, extrude-boss, revolve-boss, sweep-boss or any other additive features. 


The keyword is “attempt”. If tools like Delete Hole, Untrim, Delete Face or Move Face do not patch the dents, go ahead and use any tools you want to ensure they remain solids. 


3. Please add comments to all our features, so anyone can easily understand your modeling strategy.


4. Create an exploded view of the solid bodies


5. No topological errors are acceptable.


6. Upload your SOLIDWORKS file in a reply to this thread.




Pretty much go from here:







to here:









The criteria for winning this challenge:


1. Observe rule #2


2. How fast you provided your solution. Note that if you revise your solution, the last update date will be considered as your submission date.


3. How short is your FeatureManager Tree


4. The quality of your comments


5. The originality and elegance of your solution




Challenge #2: Do it fast!


Finding a way to get the job done is great. Finding the fastest way to do it is what a busy user, who needs to separate wires all day long, would need.




Now, that you found a way to get the job done, in the first challenge, please record a video of your solution (from beginning to end) and upload it here.




I recommend Camtasia. You can use it for free for 30 days, if you do not have it. Save the files at 1080p in mp4 format, if possible. Please do not speed-up the video! 




For 10,000 points and a SOLIDWORKS Power User Certificate, be the fastest to get the job done. Same deadline as the first challenge.