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Mixed mesh simulation convergence / error check

Question asked by Asher Brolsma on Aug 26, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by Asher Brolsma

Hi guys,


I have a mixed mesh structure that I am analysing, the model is relatively large and has a large amount of contacts and fasteners in it (200+ fasteners, 35+ contact sets). the mesh is currently sitting around the 400,000 node mark and has refinements in critical (high stress) areas. The studies take several hours to run and the model has to be analysed in 5 separate load case scenarios. There are ~10 areas in each scenario that will show areas of high stress. The model is being analysed using Linear analysis, I don't have access to Non-linear. 


Being a mixed mesh study with fasteners, the p and h-type adaptive meshes are not available, so I cannot automate the mesh convergence, although to convert the shell section to a solid mesh and run them would probably go to a point where the mesh would get too large for my computer to handle, mainly due to the mesh being refined in areas that are not worth considering. To do a manual convergence check could require running 20 or more studies each time a design change is made - I.e this could take weeks if a single change is made and the structure needs to be re-analysed.


Has anyone found any guides on stress error plots (energy norm error) and whether they can be used as an acceptable justification of results and what the level of stress error should be as a maximum in those critical areas? Or is there any other methods out there that could save me some time?