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Ways to draw 3DSketch based on existing weldment body

Question asked by Aleksandras Korolkovas on Aug 26, 2019
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first about the issue.
Our company bought pipe bend machine, on which bends can be programed. Worst thing for us is how it must be done. Program for the machine can be created only on the centerline of the pipe and that centerline must be exported to iges format. It can be fine, if our production will be at least 100 parts for one program. But... we need mostly 1-2 equal bended pipes for one program, and such pipes count is hundreds.

Sample of pipe which usually we need to bend.


Main idea is:
1) create 3DSketch from straight lines on pipe centerline,
2) give that 3DSketh specific name,
3) copy that sketch (Ctrl+C)
4) Create new model document and paste 3DSkech
5) Export new document to iges.

All those steps must be done with VB.Net add-in (Programmatically)

I don't have any problems write code for steps 2,3,4,5. But I don't have any ideas how to do step 1. Anyone can give me idea possible solution?