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How to find which explode step component is in while editing explode?

Question asked by Ben Meyer on Aug 26, 2019

If I am editing an assembly explode, how can I find the explode step that a given part is in? I want to know this so I can do minor position adjustments to an existing step for a part (rather than create new steps) while I am still in the explode edit mode. I am aware that if I am not editing the explode I can click on a face of the part and then I can move the part and it will edit the step rather than creating a new one; however, having to constantly exit the editing of an explode state to adjust a part and the come back into the explode state to do movements of new parts isn't efficient. When I am editing the explode state (such that I've clicked "edit feature" on the explode) I know I can mouse click each step in the tree one at a time and the part(s) in that step will highlight but this is not efficient if there is a large number of steps. I assumed there would be a way to click the part and have it show me all the steps it is in like it does when you are not editing the explode but I can't find any clicks or alt-clicks that give me this option when editing the explode. I see no menu options on LMB or RMB either. Is there a way to do this?