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How to structure parts inside assemblies?

Question asked by Ramon Herrera on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2019 by Ramon Herrera

(Newbie alert)


I am a software engineer, trying to understand the different ways to structure a model, based on my programming experience breaking down code into "modules", "functions" or "classes". The conceptual similarities are obvious. I don't even design myself, I work with other people, professional 3D designers.


Let's say that the target is a refrigerator. We have the larger box, without any accessories. That is Westinghouse.sldasm.


Then, we add a number of parts:
 - Front-door.sldprt
 - Base-wheels.sldprt

 - Inside-something.sldprt

 - etc.


The SLDASM file simply refers to (mentions) the multiple SLDPRT files.


Possibility No. 2. This would be preferred when the main section is not clear. Let's say it is a car. Is it possible to have a very small file, like Toyota-Camry.sldasm with is simply a container of parts?


If you feel generous, my next question will be: "How do I do that?"