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Question asked by Linh-Chi Nguyen on Aug 23, 2019
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I am dealing with a new supplier of 3D printing services, and he said there is an error message when he opens my STL file generated from Solidworks 2018.

He sais that I have to remove the material, appearance and texture of my STL file. I did remove an color appearance from my file (material was not defined), and still he said there is still the error message. He said he has to use Meshlab, Meshmixer, Blender and TinkerCAD to correct my file. The error message is attached. 

I called my solidworks supplier and he said there is nothing wrong with my export part to STL. Also, with other 3D printer suppliers, I didn't have any problem with my STL files.

This new supplier said in 7 years, he never had a similar problem, and still insist that I'm not exporting correctly my file.

Has anyone had the same problem? It is a real mystery for me. 

Thank you for your help.