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2019 Bug after putting EV4 on

Question asked by John Lhuillier on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by John Lhuillier

I would be leary of putting 2019 SP4 out when it becomes available. There's a nasty bug that causes a real problem when trying to pick anything on the drawing. There's a setting that should prevent picking the hidden lines in a drawing view on a rendered view or view with the hidden lines removed. This setting does not work & causes a real time consuming effort to make sure you're picking the correct thing. This is the SPR for it if anyone is having that issue


SR# (Service Request): 1-21480430207

SPR#: 1146273

Description: On drawing view with HLR Display Style Hidden Lines are being highlighted when hovering pointer over lines.

Status: Implemented.

Version: 2020 PR1