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How to achieve a complete loft? Faces are not fully merged.

Question asked by Jason Olson on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2019 by Jason Olson

I am attempting to create a solid that spans this gap. I will be 3D printing this.

I created a loft between the two faces.

The problem comes in when I go to my slicing software (Insight 13.7 for Stratasys Fortus 360) where it shows incomplete geometry.

A close up of the edge looks like the loft did not full merge with each face creating gaps in the solid.

I've tried Delete and Fill which further shows me the faces are not merged well.


Is there a method to fix this or do I need to fully sketch the surfaces then loft instead of just selecting the surfaces to loft? Any other suggestions? I could possibly fix the model within the printing software but I'd much rather fix the file. I'm at the edge of my experience working with offset and thickened surfaces as I'm grabbing my main geometry from an existing model.


Input is much appreciated!


Jason Olson


Edit* I was cleared to post this file. The trouble lofts are colored red in this file. Thank you for all the help so far! This file is done in SW2018.