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Grungemap in Mutli-layer problem

Question asked by Luke Thompson on Aug 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2019 by Luke Thompson


I'm trying to use multi-layer appearances to apply grungemaps. 

I've been following the information in the 2 tutorials below without much success. I can get either of the base appearances to show correctly on the plane, but when combined in a multi-layer apperance, I only see my bottom-most layer and not the transparent layer with the grungemap on it. I've tried swapping layers thinking my bottom layer should be the top, but no effect. 


I got my grungemap from the page below and used an inverted channel for the bump map. The color and alpha channels have the grunge map. 






Base is gunmetal appearance applied to a plane:


Top layer is Grungemap 2 applied to a plane


Multi-layer applied to a plane. can't see expected grungemap stains:

Layers flipped:


Any help would be appreciated. It seems the transparency of my grungemap isn't working in a multi-layer or I don't have something right with the appearance settings. I used a generic appearance instead of glass for the grungemap to have the most control over the appearance. I've tried playing with the alpha map, color density, etc... with no success.