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Imported Parts + Copy/Move displays duplicate parts - when first opened

Question asked by Lee Russell on Aug 22, 2019



Solidworks 2019 (or I) have an issue when doing the following:

-  imported an IGES file

   (gives multiple bodies in a single model (SLDPART) - as expected!)

- Aligned all bodies with SW co-ordinates using:

   >> Body-Move/Copy to translate only*#

   >> Body-Move/Copy to rotate*


*Note: Copy option not selected


This all works fine.



However, whenever the PART file is re-opened, SW displays:

- bodies in correct position (after the Body-Move/Copy)

- bodies in original position also (!!?)

Rebuilding clears the display up (ie only the repositioned bodies are shown - as expected).


The Feature Manager Design Tree shows duplicate bodies - until rebuild occurs!


This issue is repeatable (i.e. with Open, Rebuild, Save).



Drawings are also affected (until the Model is Opened and Rebuilt):  original and moved bodies are displayed in each View!  As real nuisance!


Simple Example - attached

Contains a single (imported) cylinder:  has same issue.

Screen shots show:

1) as opened,

2) after rebuild.


Note the \Solid Bodies entries alter when rebuilt!


If the bodies are 'native' (ie. not imported), the problem does not seem to occur.



This seems like a bug?  Already reported?

SW installation issue?

(FYI: I cannot submit bug reports)


Avoidance? Fix?

Can this issue be avoided? I could not find any solution, or reference...

Is there a different/better way to import multi-body IGES files (originates from VectorWorks)?

Is it possible to 'convert' these imported bodies to 'native' SW bodies (as they don't exhibit the issue).



Any help appreciated!! 


// Lee

p.s. this forum link shows usage of Move/Copy command to re-orientate bodies... 



More info:

Just tried the following on the single-body test file:

  1. Open the part file (duplicates show as above)
  2. HIDE just the imported, duplicate body (leaving the moved/copied body as visible).
  3. Rebuild: hides both bodies (and correctly shows one body in the Design Tree)


  1. UNHIDE the correct, remaining body, to show it.
  2. Save, Close.
  3. Re-open...  issue STILL remains!