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Imported Parts + Copy/Move displays duplicate parts - when first opened

Question asked by Lee Russell on Aug 22, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2020 by Kyle Kellner



Solidworks 2019 (or I) have an issue when doing the following:

-  imported an IGES file

   (gives multiple bodies in a single model (SLDPART) - as expected!)

- Aligned all bodies with SW co-ordinates using:

   >> Body-Move/Copy to translate only*#

   >> Body-Move/Copy to rotate*


*Note: Copy option not selected


This all works fine.



However, whenever the PART file is re-opened, SW displays:

- bodies in correct position (after the Body-Move/Copy)

- bodies in original position also (!!?)

Rebuilding clears the display up (ie only the repositioned bodies are shown - as expected).


The Feature Manager Design Tree shows duplicate bodies - until rebuild occurs!


This issue is repeatable (i.e. with Open, Rebuild, Save).



Drawings are also affected (until the Model is Opened and Rebuilt):  original and moved bodies are displayed in each View!  As real nuisance!


Simple Example - attached

Contains a single (imported) cylinder:  has same issue.

Screen shots show:

1) as opened,

2) after rebuild.


Note the \Solid Bodies entries alter when rebuilt!


If the bodies are 'native' (ie. not imported), the problem does not seem to occur.



This seems like a bug?  Already reported?

SW installation issue?

(FYI: I cannot submit bug reports)


Avoidance? Fix?

Can this issue be avoided? I could not find any solution, or reference...

Is there a different/better way to import multi-body IGES files (originates from VectorWorks)?

Is it possible to 'convert' these imported bodies to 'native' SW bodies (as they don't exhibit the issue).



Any help appreciated!! 


// Lee

p.s. this forum link shows usage of Move/Copy command to re-orientate bodies... 



More info:

Just tried the following on the single-body test file:

  1. Open the part file (duplicates show as above)
  2. HIDE just the imported, duplicate body (leaving the moved/copied body as visible).
  3. Rebuild: hides both bodies (and correctly shows one body in the Design Tree)


  1. UNHIDE the correct, remaining body, to show it.
  2. Save, Close.
  3. Re-open...  issue STILL remains!