Haven Kim

SolidWorks 2019 Add-in dialog refresh

Discussion created by Haven Kim on Aug 20, 2019

Hi, I'm an engineer working on my Solidworks Add-in.


The problem is even though I unregistered all information of my guid, Solidworks AddIn dialog still showing my addin WITH WRONG PATH and correct name and description, which should not happen and looks corrupted somewhere.



1. Double checked with my GUID that in HKLM, HKCU Solidworks registry key. They are all gone

2. Tried Regasm to remove dll, also tried manually.

3. When plugin is installed, it's very correct and usable. Just only after uninstalling this, I can't remove my addin "history" and never can load it back.

4. I can check that checkboxes but clicking ok doesn't work because it's corrupted!


What I want

I think there would be Addin cache or whatever else that keep storing previous addin information. Is there a way to clear it?