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API request to edit multiple parts

Question asked by Elias Furman on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2019 by Craig Girvan

Hi Forum!

New here and new to the use of macros. Definitely not my strong point.  

Anyway, I have this request if anyone can help me out I will greatly appreciate it. 

We are trying to adapt Solidworks to use for furniture / kitchen design. All parts (made as weldments) are similarly made and pretty much the only things that change are the dimensions. To speed things up, dimensions are controlled by equations. Basically all parts have "width", "depth", "height", "plywood thickness" (and few others) in equations, which control its outer dimensions.

The way a kitchen is made now is the following :

-Drag and drop some cabinet from library.

-Make independent.

-Edit part.

-Manage equation and change width or depth or whatever is needed.



This saves us time as it removes the need to go through each part and find the driving sketch for those dimensions.

However, there are some issues. If something has to change (common issue btw), there are many parts it becomes a hassle to edit them all. For example, we need to edit the width of a couple of cabinets in a niche somewhere. We will have to go to each individual cabinet, door, drawer etc and edit it one by using method described above. Very tiring and time consuming and prone to errors.  

So my request would be if it is possible to select multiple bodies, apply macro and it will prompt what equation to be edited. Since all parts have the same basic "width", "depth", "height" equations,  it should (hopefully) simplify things. If its only going to change the equations that are common for all selected parts, ("width", "offset" etc) that will work too. 

I will greatly appreciate your help. I tried to describe as well as I could what we do and why we do it, and I have attached a typical cabinet. You would put several of these together, all same height and depth but different width. Same applies to drawers that go inside and so on. 

Thank you!