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Assembly rename breaking virtual components

Question asked by Ian McKenzie on Aug 21, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2019 by Ian McKenzie

I swear this only ever used to happen randomly every so often, but recently it's been every time I need to rename an assembly, whether it be through Pack & Go or the Solidworks Rename dialogue, all the virtual components in my assembly lose their reference because they're still tied to the old assembly's old name. (For reference my assembly models include one independent Skeleton part that drives all the subsequent parts in the assembly)


Has something changed recently that's causing this - is it something I'm doing wrong? Is Solidworks just bent on making our lives harder? 




Initially, everything's fine:

 Oh I forgot to add my version coding to the [Sub] assy, let's rename: 


Oh, you actually wanted your virtual component to be usable after you renamed the assembly? Shoot, too bad. 


At this point I can rename the assy back to its original name and the part is fine again. I've also kind of found a dumb hack where if I rename from the feature tree back to the original and then back to my intended name everything works too. 


Renamed and saved: 

Feature tree rename again: 


Save again:

And now the virtual part's fine with it's new assembly name. 


This is kind of ridiculous.


For reference this is 2017 x64 SP 5.0.