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Adding features to a graphics body - SW2018

Question asked by Sean Zeeck on Aug 20, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2019 by Jim Sculley



I have a 3D Scanned image of what's essentially an amorphous blob.  My client wants us to turn it into a bottle opener.  Through inconsistencies in their scan program, I had to first convert it to a mesh so I could scale it properly.  After that I was able to split it into two (as well as using the move/copy body function to orient it properly).  


I need to put a cut extrude in one side and add a pin extrusion to the other side so we can glue the whole assembly together once it's built (using a 3D Printer).  


I was then puzzled to find that although I had to convert the body to a mesh in order to scale it and move it, SolidWorks now won't let me do anything to the body because it's a mesh.  


I do have the ability to create surfaces from the meshed body, but it will probably crash due to the amorphous nature of the surface (except for the one flat side I have now from the split).  


Is there any way around this? I've also tried getting to this step and saving it as a different file format in order to open it as something I could add features too, but with no luck.  I'm hoping I don't have to go in and add a bunch of features to replicate this surface, as you may imagine that would take quite a lot of effort. 


Thanks for any help/suggestions.Showing the sketch I want to cut extrude (it fails...)

Showing the complexity of the surface.