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SW 2019 crashes when choosing "OPEN"

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Aug 19, 2019

Solidworks 2019 SP03


New computer

Solidworks has been running fine on the new computer all last week. It initially opened fine and worked perfectly this morning. However, I needed to close out of SW, make some changes to a part number on our PDM (I had just had the part open, so I closed down to make sure it was not stored in cache). All I did was change the part number on the folder, the part and the drawing (using file explorer).


Start Solidworks back up, hit the "OPEN" folder and ....crash

So, I try going through File>Open...crash


The error reporting also crashes out on both of these.


However, I can open file explorer and click on a part and it will open fine.


I have already attempted a repair through control panel.programs....still no luck.


Anyone experience this and know what might be wrong?