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PDM Administration Tool: System History User Info is Not Correct

Question asked by S. Casale on Aug 16, 2019

Administration tool SYSTEM HISTORY


This is just for information only. Perhaps A SolidWorks Representative PDM guy can pipe in.


As the subject states, The System History presented is in error.


The highlighted users have never used the tool.  The log states many other users have made changes. They don't even have access to see the tool with their profile. We have many users, and I am the only one who has EVER logged into the Admin tool. I am the only one who has made changes in the tool on other users computers, and it is only using the Admin Profile - not even my own. Which later in the log shows that I have even made changes in the tool using my own specific profile (which as stated before is incorrect).



Adding, our VAR has declared that the information they have been presented states that the log expresses the users who have made changes in the tool. They have no information otherwise. This means the System History log information presented to our VAR is err'd unless someone explains others.


Why is this information important to us? So that we can track any real LOG-INS and changes that could have been dangerous, critically err'd, and/or exploitative.


sw pdm 2018 sp5.0