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solidworks 2009 so3 installation

Question asked by 1-AFNFZE on Apr 15, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2009 by 1-AFNFZE
OK... we are now 2 days into trying to install SP3, and it is nightmarish.
The downloaded upgrade comes with the same installation script as 2008, and 2009 SP0, and it is behaving the same... that is, it is not working.
Running the executable directly (remember the days when you could just do that?) now returns an error that says "you must run the script".
Running the script simply results in the actual installer window launching, and then closing 10 seconds later with no message, no warning, no update, and no record of what happened or why.
Our VAR took a week or 2 to show up and hack their way through it (after telling us that we had to open some ports in our network firewall so it would install) when we went through the exact same problem last year with 2008, so I am very reluctant to get them involved at this point.
Can anyone walk me through the right way to update from 2009 SP0 to SP3?