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    Circumferential Restraint is Restraining Radially

    Jonathan Blyer
      I'm experiencing a problem simulating a torsional restraint while allowing radial deflection in a cantilevered shaft with an overhung load. I've selected the cylindrical surface restraint and only selected a circumferential restraint. The radial direction deflection results are one or two orders of magnitude smaller than expected. Any advice on this matter?\

        • Circumferential Restraint is Restraining Radially
          Marcel Kamutzki

          It sounds as if maybe the entire shaft is restrained circumferentially? If so, and it is overhung, it cannot deflect radially and remain circumferential.

          Try retraining just the one end of the shaft, either by fixing the non-overhung end, or by creating a short surface, if it does not exist already, at the non-overhung end and applying the cylindrical surface contraint there.