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Elbows will not change type

Question asked by Kyle Taylor on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by Marco Janssen

Routing strikes again. I have almost a whole job knocked out, and they decided the pipe needs to be Sch 80 not 40 so I run through "Change route diameter" and switch to Sch 80. Worked great. Till I realized all of my socket elbows changed from Class 3000 to 9000. There is NO way to change them back. Selecting the elbow and changing the configuration doesn't do anything, and running through change route diameter again and selecting the correct elbows through the whole route does absolutely nothing. If I delete the elbow, the radius changes to a pipe bend and the elbow dialog doesn't pop up. If I delete the radius it just leaves it as 2 pipes coming to a point. No missing elbow error, and dragging an elbow onto the center point doesn't snap. Any other suggestions? I'm getting sick of literally every single job having a SOME problem with the routing