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restructure monolithic assembly model into manageable sub-assemblies

Question asked by John Wayman on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2020 by John Stoltzfus

I have inherited an assembly model which is essentially single-level. The BOM being used to purchase the job (hand-produced, not related to Solidworks models in any way) comprises several manageable sub-assemblies, all combined to make the top-level assembly.

I want to make my assembly model reflect the BOM structure.

I have created the necessary sub-assemblies and placed them into the top-level model. Each of these sub-assemblies is currently empty.

If I drag a component from the top-level into one of my sub-assemblies, it warns me that this reference will be lost, that pattern will be deleted, the other mate will be deleted - basically, the whole model will be gone for a ball of chalk.

Is this the reality I have to deal with, or am I doing something wrong?

Surely, if I move an object into a sub-assembly, Solidworks doesn't have to delete every pattern it is a member of and delete every mate that is no longer satisfied? Why can't it preserve it all, but complain about the external references when I open the sub-assembly? I could fix them then. If they are deleted, it is just as easy (difficult?) to start again from a clean sheet.

Is there a cunning way of doing this in PDM Standard? I expect there is in PDM Pro, but...


SW2019, SP3

PDM Standard

Windows 10