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How to derive the centerline of a complex hose and measure path length

Question asked by Bryan Piendel on Aug 14, 2019
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Does anyone know quick way to get the centerline of a complex hose?


My solid is a non-parametric model without history. I've used the split line function to get close... but it's not good enough. A picture of my model is below. The curves you see on the OD of the part are the Split Lines I created. 


The "create lines and use tangent arc" method doesn't work on this because the hose is not made from simple bends on 1 plane. 


Once I get the centerline, I need to measure Path Length and I've only ever done that on a 2D sketch. I attempted it on a 3D sketch, but the option is not available.


The purpose is to get the CL length of the hose.


Thank you for the help!