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PDM Revision adding a row or not adding anything

Question asked by james demarco on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by james demarco

All we are running PDM Pro 18.50.69 with SW 2015 SP5.0. Have had the revision table and mapping up and running for about a year now, and for the most part we have not had issues.  However, there are still instances where on occasion the approvals will show in the viewer, yet the drawing and pdf are missing the actual approvals (see image 1a for the pdf and 1b showing the history view attachment).  You can see in the history the variable was written but in the pdf and drawing it is missing.

There are certain other instances where the approval will actually add a line above during the approval. (see image 2 attached).

These are the exception, the majority function as expected... Just wondering if anyone else has run into this?

I should also note the set rev options have never functioned as expected.  

I should note we are using the same templates and rev tables from the vault - and we update sheet templates (if we are revision an existing document) through use of a macro.

Please let me know if you have stumbled upon this.