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Can I have a table with a Configuration PN and both Main Title and an Extra Title?

Question asked by Steve Calvert on Aug 13, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by Steve Calvert

I'm looking to add a table to my assembly drawings that would be two columns wide and have a specific PN for each configuration and a Main Title and Extra Title.  Is this possible?


The first column would be PN and then the second column would be BOTH Main and Extra Title


The above is current method in SW 2015 with Smarteam PDM where I or someone else fills in the table manually.  The PN is WU016725-0001 and the Main Title in this case is MODULE, PERIPHERAL while the Extra Title is TRAC; EHPM; H-STYLE; AUS


The trick is keeping the Titles so that it looks like one single line of text


This is the new SW PDM that shows the Data Card for WU016725-0001 so I see an Identity:, Title: and Extra Title:


Steve C