Jeroen Van Dooren

Assembly equation "height" > show spec. part config?

Discussion created by Jeroen Van Dooren on Aug 13, 2019
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I'm looking for the next thing:

I have a model that I can steer with LENGTH, WIDTH, ANGLE and HEIGHT.

This by changing a custom property on assembly level with the property tab builder.


Now I have a part in the assembly that has to change to every specific height. 

Is it possible to make an equation list to change that parts configuration to this height value?


Height value01 => show part01 config a

Height value02 => show part01 config b

Height value03 => show part01 config c

Height value04 => show part01 config d


for example: =if(600<Height value01<700, show part config a, ...)

I think this has to be done in a design table.


Thanks a lot!