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Adding sketch line to forming tool

Question asked by Barry Watkins on Aug 13, 2019

We create DXFs from SolidWorks for our machines. When we place louvers in a design the shop requires the DXF to contain a single line to define each louver. The line is offset a set distance from the bottom and from the ends of the louver. My question is, is there a way to add this line to our forming tool so that it shows up on the DXF export? We have added the sketch line to the forming tool definition, but it doesn't come into the model when the forming tool is inserted. Anybody know of a good way to accomplish what we are trying to do? Right now we export the louver linework as part of the DXF export, then we open the DXF in AutoCAD, draw the desired line, and erase the louver linework. Looking for a better way.