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Why won't this sweep work at smaller pattern angles?

Discussion created by Michael Paul on Aug 12, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by Teemu Jääskeläinen

I have a part I'm working on and I'm trying to pattern some features around an axis.


I'm sure there are other ways I could have done the feature and maybe that's what would ultimately be a fix but I'm basing this part off of a similar one with similar features and on my other part it works just fine yet on this one it fails.  So I'm actually less worried about getting it to work and more interested in why it isn't working as modeled.


I have a feature that is made up of two swept cuts, a draft, and some radii.  I'd like to create a pattern of a group of 10 of the features spaced 4 degrees apart and then pattern that group of 10 a total of 5 times around the entire part (pattern spacing of 72 degrees.  so, I'll have some features, then smooth surface, then some more features.


at any rate, I can get the pattern to work just fine for instance angles greater than 12 degrees but the sweep feature that makes the bottom triangular cutout fails for all instance angles less than 12 degrees.


conversely, I can pattern a single instance with equal spacing around the entire part up to


SW2018 file attached for review.


comments appreciated