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Looking for ideas on exporting BOM's

Question asked by Alex Lachance on Aug 13, 2019
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We've been working for a while with SolidWorks and an E.R.P. that communicates with SolidWorks so we can push the info from SolidWorks to the E.R.P.

The way it works is we've been using a tabulated BOM that gives a detailed listing of the assembly and all it's sub-assemblies and components. Each assembly and component has a ''code'' assigned to it that represents the operation required to produce the component, I.E. : P for Plasma, C for Shear, S for Saw, B for Bending, etc...


This is what it looks like(took a small assembly as a sample)



Close up


Everything's working great, we're wishing to move a step ahead though.


What we'd like to do is be able to generate a BOM that reflects every BOM of the whole assembly. The intent is to send the bill's numbering of an assembly to our E.R.P. so that when we do send the part in production the work order that comes with it will also have the part's assembly number. We'd preferably like the solution to be appliable to all existing assemblies as we've been on SolidWorks for 8 years.