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Using Design Table to Auto-Fill Title Block

Question asked by Andres Kacerosky on Aug 12, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by Ray McHugh

Hello there, 


I am relative new to design tables in Solidworks so please excuse my ignorance. I will try to breakdown everything so I can make my question as clear as possible. 



We have different configurations that have different part numbers/names and dimensions. So one product would have a 3D model number, 2D drawing number and it's name. I want all of these title to auto-fill in the title block of the 2D drawing based on the configuration of the view.  See below:



Design Table:                                                                           Configuration Properties:


I manage to get the Model #: to autofill using the Link to Property using the BOM Part Number. I got lucky with this one but I would like to autofill the drawing Number. 




I want to autofill data in the Title block using custom text/numbers. I understand you can auto-fill material, dates, etc.. but I want custom data based on the configuration. If there's a macro, please explain how to use it because I am not very good with macros. 


Thanks for any help.