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Lathe-like Operation on 4 Axis Mill

Question asked by Rod Newstrom on Aug 12, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by Frederick Law

I'm experienced in design, but this is the first part I'm attempting to take through CAM and machining, and I'm stumped. I'm trying to make the part below on a desktop 4 axis mill (Taig DSLS3000). There are a number of similar parts, all of which would be best machined by indexing the 4th axis (which turns around X) while changing the X and Z position of a flat end mill (similar to a lathe turning operation but I don't have a lathe). I usually figure things out pretty quickly using on-line tutorials, but I've been at it a week and still haven't figured out how to get Solidworks 2018 CAM Professional to do what I want. Can anyone help me with this?