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Is that any standard modelling practice in solidworks like used in Catia (Boolean operations)?

Question asked by Tejas Mahadik on Aug 10, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by Michael Fernando

Hi users, I hereby asking a query, I'm working in plastics and sheet metal domain, I use Catia for modelling of plastic parts and sheet metal parts. We have well structured modelling methodology while using Catia, we use boolean operations in Catia instead of using straight forward modelling. Boolean (Like add, remove & union) operations helps to keep every feature you modeled to be independent, So that part editing becomes easy and deleting any feature does not affect another feature, so we get well structured model tree. ( In solidworks - Feature Manager design tree) So is that the same methodology used in solidworks?  In catia we do not sketch on the plane of existing extruded boss feature, we use seperate plane for every new sketch we create or use existing principal planes ( Front , Top, Right ) as possible.  Also we start dimensioning the sketch first right from origin and then remaining dimensions as per interdependent sketch entities. We don't prefer 'sketch fillets', 'sketch chamfer'.This kind of methodology is extensively used in automotive industry which uses Catia for plastics, sheetmetal, BIW domain. Please tell me if there is any standard CAD methodology is being used in solidworks.

Dos and don'ts while modelling in solidworks.