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SolidWorks crashes when I run a macro to open a .swb file and I get a warning that maybe the macro is not played in the right context. How can I proceed?

Question asked by Gerrit Laurenssen on Aug 9, 2019

I'm trying to use a cad model of a rod end in my design.

I'm starting off in an empty assembly using tools-> macro-> run and try to open the .swb file.
Then I have to specify a path - I assume this is a folder where the components are getting listed.urin 


The result is that I get a warning that 
"a serious error occured during macro playback
Perhaps the macro was not played in the correct context.
The system could be in an unstable state right now"


Most of the times, SolidWorks crashes.
Half a year ago I had more success, because sometimes the macro ran succesfully the second time (after it crashed first)>

Now, nothing works